DIY Sensory Tools and Activities for the Classroom

In our new book, Sensory Processing Explained, we dedicated an entire section to educators and providing tools and activity suggestions for the classroom. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite DIY sensory tools and activities for the classroom.

DIY Sensory Tools and Activities for the Classroom.

I've divided each of these activities into the eight sensory systems so you can easily find what you need. All of these tools and activity suggestions are easy to put together and can be used for the entire classroom in your sensory space, regulation station, or other calming type space in your classroom or sensory room at school.

DIY Sensory Tools for the Vestibular System

The vestibular system is located in the inner ear and is the sense of balance and movement. It is your body's GPS system.

DIY Scooter Board – A Few Shortcuts – Great for a sensor room or in the hallway or gym.

DIY No Sew Crash Pad – And Next Comes L – Great for a larger sensory space or room in your school.

Upside Down Ice Toss – Lemon Lime Adventures

Tennis Ball Game for Vestibular Input – Little Bins for Little Hands

DIY Sensory Tools for the Proprioception System

Pool Noodle Quick Fix for Seats – Your Therapy Source

Weighted Lap Pad with Hand Towels – Growing Hands-On Kids

Weighted Lap Pad (No-Sew option) – Lemon Lime Adventures

Squeeze Ball made with flour – Homeschool Preschool

Homemade Stretchy Resistance Band – And Next Comes L

Weighted Tie Blanket – Parenting Chaos

DIY Sensory Tools for the Tactile System

Finger Fidget for Warm Up Exercises – Your Therapy Source

How to Make Sensory Balls – The Chaos And The Clutter

Dried Bean Sensory Balls – Your Therapy Source

Lego Calm Down Fidget Spinner – Lemon Lime Adventures

Play Dough Recipe for Calming – Growing Hands-On Kids

Gel Sensory Bags – Paging Fun Mums

5 Senses Song for Touch – Let's Play Music

Pencil Topper Fidget Toy – The OT Toolbox

Weighted Fidget Toy – The OT Toolbox

DIY Sensory Tools for the Vision System

DIY Calm Down Bottles – Rhythms of Play

Create Your Own Sensory Tent – Your Kids Table – Great for a small space to block out visual stimuli

Five Senses Song for Sight – Let's Play Music

DIY Sensory Tools for the Auditory System

Pool Noodle Phone – And Next Comes L – great for exploring volume control!

DIY Rain Stick – Rhythms of Play

Listening Box Game – Let's Play Music

Listening Scavenger Hunt – Growing Hands-On Kids

DIY Sensory Tools for the Gustatory System (Taste)

Chewable Necklace for Older Kids – Lemon Lime Adventures

DIY Tasting Bottles – Gift of Curiosity

Tea Taste Test and Mixing Experiment (caffeine free) – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Fives Sense Song for Taste – Let's Play Music

DIY Sensory Tools for the Olfactory System (Smell)

Five Senses Song for Smell – Let's Play Music

Sense of Smell Tea Bag Matching Game – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Sense of Smell Swatches – Learning 4 Kids

Scented Color Mixing Activity – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Sniffing Scent Jars – Mama's Happy Hive

DIY Sensory Tools for the Interoception System

Children who struggle with interoception input (the internal senses of the body like heart rate, heat, thirst etc), can also struggle with emotional regulation. They struggle with understanding how emotions feel and don't often recognize their different emotions or how to respond and self-regulate.

Calm Down ToolKit for Kids – Growing Hands-On Kids

Calm Down Kit for Emotional Regulation – Mosswood Connections

Anti-Anxiety Kit for Kids – The Chaos and the Clutter

Lazy Eight (Figure 8) Breathing Technique – Hub Force: Hub for Learning

Self Control Bubbles: Classroom Teaching Tool – Love, Laughter, and Learning

Managing Big Emotions Poster – Childhood 101

Feel Confident in Explaining & Understanding Sensory Processing

Finding detailed sensory processing information can lead you to multiple books, websites, and articles. In Sensory Processing Explained: A Handbook for Parents and Educators, our goal was to combine all of these resources into one, easy-to-navigate handbook.

You’ll gain the tools you need to help your child or student navigate their senses. You will also find strategies and activities that will benefit all children.

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