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Are you struggling to find age-appropriate activities that build skills and challenge your child? Every child develops in a sequence of skills that are the building blocks for their future learning. Children need multiple opportunities to develop these skills in a variety of ways and learning styles.

I believe that all children can reach their fullest possible potential through hands-on play and developmentally appropriate activities.

My mission is to provide developmental tips, tools, and strategies to help you grow hands-on kids.

Whether you are a parent, educator, therapist or other professional, this site is for you. Welcome!

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10 Crossing Midline Activities for Kids

Crossing midline is a term you have probably seen if you work in early childhood education or pediatric therapy. Today I want to share 10 crossing midline activities for kids that you can incorporate into your home, classroom, or therapy sessions.Why Crossing Midline? The ability to cross the … Read More...

DIY Button and Bead Magnets for Hands-On Activities

I'm always looking for ways to use items we already have in a new way. I love do-a-dot pages and you can use them in so many different ways instead of just the markers. So I created these DIY button and bead magnets that you can use for any hands-on activity. They work really well with the do-a-dot … Read More...

DIY Texture Pattern Craft Sticks

I purchased some texture foam board a while ago and have been looking for some ways to use it. My daughter loves to categorize and organize things by different types, colors, shapes etc. I decided to make some texture pattern sticks for her to use for some hands-on pattern work, as well as a few … Read More...