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Are you struggling to find age-appropriate activities that build skills and challenge your child? Every child develops in a sequence of skills that are the building blocks for their future learning. Children need multiple opportunities to develop these skills in a variety of ways and learning styles.

I believe that all children can reach their fullest possible potential through hands-on play and developmentally appropriate activities.

My mission is to provide developmental tips, tools, and strategies to help you grow hands-on kids.

Whether you are a parent, educator, therapist or other professional, this site is for you. Welcome!

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15 Christmas Tree Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

It's the most wonderful time of the year... and who doesn't love a good Christmas activity? This year I thought I would round-up some of my favorite Christmas tree fine motor activities for preschoolers. Some of these would even be great for toddlers (just watch out for small parts and mouths!). … Read More...

The Best Activities for the Gustatory System

The gustatory system (sense of taste) can be a tricky sensory system to navigate, especially if you have a picky eater. Get the best activities for the gustatory system in this post!What is the Gustatory System? Gustatory is another big science word for the sense of taste. The senses of taste … Read More...