Guest Post Submissions

I am currently accepting selective guest posts from other bloggers here on Growing Hands-On Kids (GHOK). Please review this guest post policy before contacting me or e-mailing me about your guest post request.

If you are a company looking to promote a product through a post or including links to your website for advertisement purposes, please note that I am no longer accepting sponsored content. 

Guest Post Topics

  • Fine Motor Activities – any age
  • Sensory Activities – any age
  • Gross Motor Play Ideas – any age
  • Pre-Writing or Handwriting Activities – any age

Guest Post Policy

When submitting an idea or post for consideration on GHOK, please keep the following details in mind:

  • All posts must be original, unpublished work. You may not use duplicate content or later use the same post you have submitted to me for another website. This will send up red flags to Google and will not help either of us.
  • All posts must be submitted in HTML format, or in a word document. Please attach photos separately so that I can have a copy for promoting on social media etc.
  • You may not use affiliate links in your post unless it is a company or product which I do not promote currently. All affiliate links must have prior permission to be included or they will be deleted from your post.
  • Posts must be at least 500 words minimum (I typically write longer posts here on GHOK, so longer posts are not discouraged).
  • You submit your post with the understanding that it will belong to GHOK.
  • All graphics and/or pictures must be either taken by you or provided with appropriate licensing to use on a blog.
  • You will include a vertical pinnable image (sized at least 600mp in width) *Note, I have the right to request a different graphics and/or pinnable image or will change out the graphic to fit with the theme and overall feel of my blog as I see fit. If you wish to see what types of graphics are typical here on GHOK, please refer to my GHOK Pinterest board.
  • You may include two links to posts on your own blog which relate to the post you submit.
  • You can include a short bio, a picture of yourself, and 2 social media links including your blog URL in your bio.
  • I also reserve the right to edit for grammatical errors. If changes need to be made that involve more than that I will contact you before making those changes or ask you to re-word or re-write those changes.
  • I also reserve the right to add my own affiliate links as I see fit and also promote my own blog posts at the end of each post.

How To Submit A Post/Idea

If you have a post idea that you would like to submit after reviewing the above information, please use the contact form below or e-mail me. Please include your name, blog, and your general idea for a guest post.

*Note: submitting a guest post for consideration does not mean your post will automatically be chosen or published. I reserve the right to publish or not publish a post at my discretion. If your post is not chosen, I will let you know so you can choose to use that content as you see fit.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.