Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Activities for Kids

You want to include hands-on activities in your child's day but aren't sure how. Or maybe you want to cut down on the amount of screen time your child is getting and provide more hands-on activities. This ultimate guide to hands-on activities for kids will help you reach these goals!


Hands-On Activities for Kids

What are hands-on activities? They include activities that use the hands or whole body and are low-tech. Anything from fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, or sensory play can fall under hands-on activities.

Studies show that students learn best when learning is active, when they are engaged in hands-on classroom games and activities, and involved in what they are learning. Scientists believe that when children use all of their senses it helps the brain create pathways that make it easier and quicker to retain information. – Teach Hub

Hands-On Environment At Home

Hands-On Activities for Baby

Hands-On Activities for Toddlers

Hands-On Activities for Preschoolers

Christian Themed Hands-On Activities for Kids

Hands-On Activity Printables

Below are some of the free printables I offer on GHOK that can be used for hands-on play and activities.


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